field operations overview

One Device Keeps Field Technicians On Track

Fast track productivity in field service operations with an easy to implement smart device pocket assistant. Enable real-time inventory visibility and quick access to stock data, installation, service histories and more.

loading vans

Loading the Van

Provide real-time visibility of inventory essential to field operatives. Automate daily operational workflows and enhance resource utilization by locating and tracking valuable equipment when technicians load the van to:

  • Plan field service operations for higher first-time fix rates
  • Maximize asset utilization, minimize asset holding
  • Schedule jobs accurately with shared inventory
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van stock count

Van Stock Count

Make van inventory counts quick and easy for field technicians with a MatrixScan enabled smart device. Scan multiple barcodes in a single sequence, counting stock 40% faster over dedicated devices.

  • Provide real-time visibility of stock to all teams
  • Avoid repeat site visits owing to missing parts
  • Enhance job allocation based on parts availability
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search and find in van

Search & Find in the Van

Improve field operation efficiency and lower TCO, find parts fast in vans with a Scandit-powered MatrixScan AR enabled smart device. Technicians can search by capturing barcodes on multiple parts at once, as the correct parts get highlighted.

  • Find parts up to 40% faster over dedicated devices
  • Record parts in advance for each visit
  • Save significant time across multiple work orders
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information lookup

Information Lookup

Make your field service management software intuitive with Scandit’s augmented reality on smart devices. Give technicians instant access to live information about equipment, service histories, maintenance schedules and more - equipping them with the right tools and data to complete any job.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with first-time fix
  • Get actionable insights with shared data
  • Upsell opportunities for parts and service
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proof of completion

Proof of Completion

Marking a job complete is easy with a simple scan. By adding text recognition to barcode scanning, field technicians can capture IDs on equipment, log parts used to complete work orders, and parts for return onto connected systems in real-time with guaranteed accuracy.

  • Eliminate costly, error-prone, manual processes
  • Activate invoicing and warranties onsite
  • Invoice faster, facilitate business growth
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Shortens lead time from orders to payment. Enable field technicians to scan parts and automatically generate invoices and collect payments onsite with a Scandit-powered smart device based mPOS.

  • Connects to billing systems for processing payments
  • Receipts can be emailed or printed
  • Positively impact cash flow
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