Enhance Your Omnichannel Offering

By easily scanning barcodes, text, IDs and objects your workers and customers can access and interpret information about physical products for better interaction and decision making.

For Employees

Turn Employees into High‑value Sales Consultants

Fashion and beauty stores are under pressure to deliver differentiated experiences. Customers want instant answers, product availability and recommendations, just like they would get online.

With a Scandit-powered smart device in hand, store associates can be mind readers, answering questions, anticipating needs and querying inventory at the back-of-house, HQ or other stores, all without stepping away from the customer.

mPOS smartphone

VIP Clienteling Experiences

Become more experiential and treat everyone like a VIP. Scandit enables your store associates to share real-time product information, reviews and availability, and make a sale on the spot with mPOS. Turn your store associates into instant and trusted experts.

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matrixscan count retail shoes

Enhance Your Store Operations

Mobile devices powered by smart data capture enable store associates to multi-task in style. Moving seamlessly across different store operations tasks like inventory management and e-commerce fulfillment, completing them with ultimate efficiency.

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For Customers

From Transactions to Experiences

Fashion and beauty customers shop everywhere – online, on-the-move and in store. And shoppers who purchase across a range of channels are the most valuable.

Scandit’s solutions boost the capability of your omnichannel fashion retail software to connect with these customers, remove friction and provide new ways to interact with the store – both online and offline.

Scanning a shoe in a retail store

Mobile Shopping Experience

Fashion and beauty retailers need to adapt to customer behaviors and provide new ways to shop in order to drive loyalty. Personalize their experience and give them online convenience in-store using their own smart devices.

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Integrate Scandit into Any IT Environment

With the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, it’s simple to enable barcode scanning, augmented reality and ID scanning on smart devices, native or web apps, in any enterprise architecture, with or without the need for integration.

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Join the leading retailers already using Scandit

6 of the top 10 luxury and premium brand retailers trust Scandit to deliver better in-store experiences for their employees and customers. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

“Scandit is super efficient and its performance outshines any of the competition. The API integration was fast and took us only a few weeks to integrate into our native Kaptura Mobile app. We look forward to working further with the Scandit team in order to enhance the Forum Sport brand and increase our ability to service our customers and store associates in the future.”Eneko del Castillo Rojo, Technical Manager at Forum Sports