Frictionless B2B E‑Commerce with a Single Scan

Explore how smartphone scanning helps manufacturers to give their customers a fast and efficient way to re-order products.

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Optimize Your E‑Commerce Solution

Increase user adoption of your existing e-commerce solution by integrating high-performance mobile barcode scanning – for use in stores, in warehouses, in hospitals – in fact anywhere where customers need to reorder your products and goods, quickly and efficiently.

Easy, Convenient Reordering From a Smartphone

Bottlenecks in product ordering processes, through endless catalog searches or offline orders cause frustration and order errors. By giving your B2B customers a superior e-commerce experience, with a Scandit powered native or web app, they can:

  • Search for products quickly and effortlessly, saving hours of time.
  • Build a cart and place orders on-the-go. They simply visit your website in any browser, on any camera enabled device, scan the product and complete an order.
  • Look-up products to learn more about a particular product or select alternatives. Information appears instantly on the user’s screen with augmented reality (AR).

Maximize Channel Revenue and Minimize Cost of Sale

Adding Scandit mobile barcode technology to your website or app is a simple and efficient way to increase add-to-basket, conversion-to-sale and average order sizes. Your customers can quickly reorder products on-the-go, with product information delivered visually direct to their device screens via AR.

retail scanning

Consumer Goods

Our technology delivers ultra-fast scanning and accuracy, so retailers can conveniently re-order products on shelves.

It works in any store environment, including differing lighting conditions, and even scans damaged barcodes. And with the addition of AR functionality your customers can access product information directly to the screens of their Scandit-enabled smart devices.

industrial scanning

Industrial Goods

When reordering industrial goods, it’s often done while working on a job, manually scrolling through catalogs.

Our technology on smart devices reliably scans any 1D/2D or laser-engraved barcodes and non-barcoded items with OCR. AR overlays deliver product information directly to your customer’s smart device screen, reducing the risk of the wrong item being ordered.

MDM scanning

Pharma and Medical Devices

In hospitals or pharmacies, speed and accuracy are essential, particularly when it comes to reordering pharmaceuticals or high value medical devices. Scandit technology can scan single or multiple products on a shelf and quickly identify low stocks or expiration dates.

Our software scans any UDI label and recognizes small and tough to read datamatrix codes to eliminate costly errors when ordering.

Digitalize and Speed Up Reordering Processes

top performance

Give Your B2B Customers Flexible, Top Performance Scanning

Our high-performance scanning works on over 20,000 device models and in any condition, including bad light, any angle and with damaged labels.


optimize ecommerce

Optimize Your Existing E-commerce Platform

Our software is easy to integrate on a variety of existing operating systems, frameworks and systems.


enhance reordering

Enhance Your Reordering User Experience

Our software scans any barcoded or non-barcoded products including OCR. AR gives users instant access to product information.


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Elektro-Material logo“To provide a seamless order experience when customers purchase products through our digital channels is key to our e-commerce strategy.”Pascal Willi – Head of Digital Commerce, Elektro-Material

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