An Insider View from 1200 Last Mile Drivers

  • Drivers are at the heart of the last mile and have a unique vantage point. We surveyed drivers across 11 countries to hear it.
  • We asked what they think about the industry and the job, the challenges they face, and the technology they use.
  • Get essential insights for last mile businesses who want to understand their drivers motivations and pain points.
  • The results revealed some important differences between markets. As well as some surprising commonalities.
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What the Report Covers

Driver Motivations and Workloads

What motivates drivers to stay or leave? And how do they perceive their workloads changing over time?

Driver Roles, Employment and Churn

Discover a driver’s typical time in service, typical contract types (gig, contract, full time) and even how many jobs an average driver holds down.

Drivers from a Generational Perspective

A driver’s age is important for understanding who they are and how they work, from the technology they prefer to what they want from life.

Infrogrpahic about the type of delivery in the last mile

Discover what 1200 last mile drivers are really thinking in this global research report.

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