Reliably Scan, Pay, and Leave

Mobile self-scanning reduces customer waiting times and frees staff up from the checkout. Scandit enables retailers to build high-performance self-scanning apps and future-proof them with add-ons like augmented reality and ID scanning.

self scanning unmatched performance

Unmatched Performance, and Exceptional Accuracy

For retailers, self-scanning is a way to offer contactless and convenient shopping. With a Scandit-powered app, you can also provide shoppers with scanning that works every time, whatever the device or code.

  • Customers enjoy enterprise-grade scanning on any consumer smartphone
  • Retailers don’t need to provide expensive dedicated scanners, shoppers use their own familiar devices
  • Our proven technology powers self-scanning apps for 100+ major retailers, across 10,000+ stores and millions of scans worldwide
easy integration

Easy Integration and First-class Support

A smartphone app is a great and cost-effective way to bring self-scanning to your customers, with Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK it’s easy to integrate high performance scanning into existing systems.

  • Compatible with 20,000+ consumer devices
  • Integrates easily into new or existing apps
  • Can be simply configured to work with legacy systems
  • Specialist technical solutions and best practice support
self checkout

Cut Checkout Waits & Free Up Staff

Self-scanning on personal smartphones means busy customers can shop safely and speedily. It reduces the need to touch items in-store, and allows customers to self-checkout – so staff can be redeployed.

Consumers simply use a Scandit-powered app to scan items as they shop, pay and then leave – so there’s no need to interact with staff. It’s both convenient, and contactless.

How Scandit Helps
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Grocery & Drugstore

Bring effortless convenience and smart data capture to your store

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Retail fashion industry

Fashion & Beauty

Make every customer feel like they had a VIP experience

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“We are very impressed with the performance and ease of use of the Scandit barcode scanner SDK in our RegiGo app. We have witnessed exceptional pick-up in the usage rate amongst our shoppers.”Minoru Yamamoto, Operating Officer and Chief Officer – System Solution Division, AEON Retail.