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Delivery guy checking an ID
Best Practice Guide

Introducing the Hidden World of Fake IDs

Dive into the alarming rise of fake IDs with 32% of college students admitting to possession, and how popular platforms are unintentionally aiding their spread.

Best Practice Guide

AI Take-Off: 17 Airline Innovations Boosting Experience and Reducing Costs

Here is how AI-related technology like machine learning, automation and smart data capture is helping airlines to drive innovation and reduce costs.

Searching shelves of boxes
Best Practice Guide

4 Hidden PUDO Benefits for Your Customers & Employees (with MatrixScan Find)

PUDO is a win-win for customers and retailers. Here is the solution to one of the biggest challenges – quickly locating the right parcel.

Scandit ID Verify software showing whether an ID is real or fake.
Best Practice Guide

ID Scan & ID Validate Product Brochure

Product overview, supported documents, accuracy rates, user interface examples, typical workflows, integration guide and more.

Best Practice Guide

Retail Trends Check: What’s New and What To Do

Discover the 5 macro trends that are impacting retail. Find out what they mean for you and get insight into how to adapt to level up the performance of your stores.

Redefining Omnichannel Fashion Retail with Smart Data Capture
Best Practice Guide

What is Retail Digital Transformation?

Explore what digital transformation really means in 2023 and how to transform retail operations at your own pace and improve worker and customer experiences.

Retail Cosmetics Product information
Best Practice Guide

How to Master the Hybrid Store, Fast

Learn ways to implement a hybrid store by combining digital and physical interactions into one seamless omnichannel experience for customers and store associates.

Logistics worker using augmented reality (AR) on a smartphone to idenitfy one cardboard box among many on a shelf
Best Practice Guide

MatrixScan Find Product Brochure

Technical guide to MatrixScan Count including product and user interface overview, integration, practical considerations and how to get started.

scanning barcode
Best Practice Guide

Types of Barcodes: Choosing the Right Barcode

Understand 1D and 2D barcodes and features of 13 major barcode types to select the right one for you.