PUDO overview

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Transform and innovate Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) operations with parcel scanners to be more efficient, cost-effective, secure and flexible with scanning-enabled smartphones.

PUDO pickup search

Pick Up at PUDO

For customers picking up parcels, employees can use BYOD or company-provided smartphones with parcel barcode scanners to quickly scan pick up slips or QR codes, as well as capture signatures or scan ID to verify the recipient. It’s a simple, seamless and sustainable service.

  • High performance scanning on any smart device
  • Scan digital or printed pick up slips from distance
  • Capture signatures or scan IDs for added security
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PUDO drop off

Drop Off at PUDO

Employees can use the same smart device to smoothly handle drop processes, scan return parcels dropped off by customers or drivers at the PUDO point with speed and accuracy, no matter how tough the scanning conditions.

  • Reliably scan torn or badly printed barcodes
  • Use OCR as a backup for reading damaged labels
  • Assured performance even in low light conditions
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PUDO recieving

Receiving at PUDO

Speed through receiving processes at the start of the day with Scandit MatrixScan’s ability to capture a batch of arriving parcels in a single scan, creating an accurate list to compare to the manifest and ensuring no parcels are misplaced.

  • Scan multiple parcels simultaneously on arrival
  • Speed through receiving reliably without human-error
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PUDO Search find

Search & Find at PUDO

Employees use Scandit MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR) to find the correct parcel for pick up in the storage area faster than a human eye. Simply point the smartphone at the parcels and the correct one is instantly identified on screen.

  • Capture multiple barcodes in a single scan
  • AR speed ups locating parcels and reduce wait times
  • Zoom in for detailed, real-time parcel info
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pudo inventory check

Parcel Inventory Check

Taking inventory can be time consuming, so make it easy for employees to streamline the process with a smartphone. Simply hover the device over parcels in the storage area to check against inventory lists and verify which are overdue for return.

  • Rapidly check multiple parcels against a real-time inventory list
  • AR overlays on screen visually indicates parcel status
  • Use ‘tap to select’ to mark and process a return
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“Scanning speed and accuracy is a crucial differentiator for us, helping to attract and retain customers to our delivery service. Scandit has been spot-on in enabling us to exceed our main business KPIs (key performance indicators): speed of service and customer experience.”Fredrik Stavik, Chief Product Officer, Helthjem