Turn smart devices into a powerful AR scanners and data capture tool by combining mobile barcode scanning, text recognition and an augmented reality overlay using our Smart Data Capture Platform.


Fast-track Workflows

Upskill frontline workers with instant access to real-time, actionable insights.

AR overlay

Delight In-store Customers

AR scanner apps can display product information and personalized offers onto products on customers’ own devices.

AR overlay post parcel delivery

Make Inventory Seamless

Shift the burden of tracking assets and managing inventory to technology.

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Using an AR Scanner, smart data capture enables retail workers to review stock levels, airline staff to view passenger details, delivery drivers to see special instructions, and consumers to access personalized customer experience in-store.

MatrixScan Find

Hover the device over many packages to highlight the correct one using AR. Learn more.

Sorting & Loading

View details using an augmented reality scanner for optimum loading order in deliveries.

Shelf Management

See stock levels, delivery dates, price validation, and expiry dates with a single AR scan.

Integrate MatrixScan AR Into Any IT Environment

Add the MatrixScan AR scanner to any smart device or enterprise architecture. Our software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems and we offer specialist technical support for developers with a range of support and analytics options during live service.

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Enterprise-Level Success

Whether you’re evaluating, integrating, or rolling out an AR (augmented reality) scanner, Scandit’s Enterprise Success Team has supported hundreds of companies in executing successful digital transformations.

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Jisp scanning product app with Augmented reality
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"Through Scandit’s augmented reality within the Scan & Save app, Nisa shoppers can receive instant product information, including allergens and reviews, enabling informed buying decisions, uplifts in sales, shopper engagement, and retailer product ordering."

Greg Deacon

Jisp’s Chief Customer Officer

See how smart data capture and AR could add value to your business.

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