Smart Data Capture: A Technology Strategy to Scale Data Intelligence

IDC’s research and conversations with customers have shown that organizations that are excellent at effectively scaling their data intelligence have a material advantage over their peers. The challenge is that reaching that level of effectiveness may be too strategically difficult to grasp or even pursue directly.

In fact, organizations often fail at the very first stage of the data intelligence journey: the process of capturing data.

This InfoBrief, sponsored by Scandit, introduces the concept of smart data capture, a technology strategy to help organizations transform and evolve data capture in an efficient, accurate, repeatable, and scalable way. IDC describes the advantages of this strategy and how it can deliver value across an organization to employees, customers, and business partners.

“A smart data capture strategy enables organizations to balance today’s investments with the flexibility to rapidly deploy emerging technologies to drive future innovation.”Matt Arcaro, Research Director, Computer Vision and AI, IDC

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