Order fulfillment overview

Fast and Efficient Fulfillment

Retailers are under pressure to fulfill more orders more effectively. Scandit’s in-store order fulfillment solution integrates easily with existing smartphone applications and through better user experience, boosts efficiency from order picking and assembly to collection and delivery.

order fulfillment instore picking

In-Store Picking

Picking is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Scandit’s solution offers a superior user experience and advanced scanning capability to improve picking rates and accuracy.

  • Pre-built intuitive UI and ergonomic scanning ease worker burden
  • Fast and accurate scanning improves fulfillment rates
  • Augmented reality (AR), audio and haptic feedback offer confirmations and alerts when right and wrong items are picked
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order fulfillment destaging

Order Assembly

Orders often contain multiple items stored in different locations. When the customer arrives, the clock is ticking. Avoid manually inspecting each label by using AR to find the right items and satisfy customers with a speedy service.

  • Locate the right items using on-screen AR
  • Scan an EAN or UPC code up to 8 feet away
  • Haptic feedback indicates a correct scan in a noisy environment
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order fulfillment pickup

Order Pickup

Curbside and Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) are key parts of an omnichannel offering where a seamless customer experience is essential.

  • Scan to ensure the customer receives the correct order
  • Scan and verify IDs for age-restricted goods compliance
  • Process captured ID data on the device in one second - no connectivity required
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Staging Area Audit

With multiple orders coming and going, a busy staging area can be confusing for workers. Scandit’s in-store order fulfillment solution brings clarity to the status of orders in an instant.

  • AR reveals order status at a glance
  • Ensure canceled or expired orders can go back on the shelves
  • Effectively organize shelves for fast task completion
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