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Connect Customer Smartphones with Physical Stores

We can help you achieve a competitive advantage by identifying, regularly communicating to, and building loyalty with your best customers in-store.

mobile shopping

Mobile Shopping

Today’s shoppers expect fast and seamless ordering processes. Scandit’s data capture and AR enables you to enthrall the customer through a mobile shopping experience by connecting with the online store to provide an endless aisle experience. Customers can:

  • Scan products and see relevant information displayed on screen
  • Instantly order with a few taps on their smartphone
  • Arrange pickup or delivery via the app
  • Check other locations for the item and order it to be shipped from store
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rewards and coupons

Rewards & Coupons

With Scandit’s MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR), the customer just scans the product shelf with their smartphone and receives multiple, personalized product offers overlaid on their screen. Then with just one tap the offer becomes live.

  • Link your app with a loyalty program for targeted offers
  • Notify the customer if they need to scan another product to activate an offer
  • Provide cashback offers on-screen
  • Gamify the bargain hunting experience
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shopping lists

Shopping List

Shopping lists make the retail experience more efficient and enjoyable for busy consumers. Scandit makes it simple to offer a shopping list feature to customers, as a loyalty builder, and to upsell with suitable suggestions.

  • Value-added functionality for a self-scanning app
  • Make the shopping experience more efficient
  • Utilize the list to personalize shopping trips
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“We wanted to make it easy for customers to make the most informed decision possible in the store and at the same time set up a longer-term sales cycle when an in-store purchase is not made.”Josh Feldman Senior Product Manager for Mobile, Guitar Center