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Research & Analyst Report

Delivery Driver Challenges in the Last Mile

Discover the challenges, and rewards, for last mile drivers in this global research report covering 11 countries.

Age Verified Delivery Scanning an ID
Research & Analyst Report

Futurum Smart Data Capture Report

Futurum Research provides insight into why smart data capture is so critical to businesses

Deliver driver in the truck scanning a barcode on a parcel with a smartphone
Research & Analyst Report

Driver Technology in the Last Mile

Discover what 1200 last mile drivers really think about technology in this global research report.

Matrixscan count in retail store
Research & Analyst Report

IDC Infobrief: Smart Data Capture

IDC Infobrief sharing insights into smart data capture: a technology strategy to scale data intelligence.

Portrait of a woman holding a package in front of delivery van.
Research & Analyst Report

Driver Views from the Last Mile

Delivery drivers and how they see the job – an insider view of the post and parcel service.

Retail Grocery Self-Scanning
Research & Analyst Report

The Future of Store Operations

Future technology trends from EMEA retail leaders.

mPOS PhoneSE fashion retail
Research & Analyst Report

The Future of Fashion In-Store Engagement

Scandit research report exploring the future of customer engagement in fashion stores, including clienteling, checkout and the digital technology underpinning it.

last mile delivery
Research & Analyst Report

Is Your Last Mile Technology Fit for Purpose? pt 2.

The last mile is always evolving. In the new, digital post pandemic reality, delivery businesses face many challenges to protect customer satisfaction and profitability. And the technology in your driver’s hands can make or break last mile outcomes.

In store smartphone scanning of a product using AR technology
Research & Analyst Report

How The Pandemic Reshaped In-Store Order Fulfillment

Exclusive research into how the pandemic has changed the way US retailers handle online order fulfillment. We have spoken to retail executives across the country about omnichannel retail and how it has changed their organization.