Transparency, Integrity and Privacy

We believe your data belongs to you and will never collect it unless this has been specifically agreed. If you choose to allow us to collect data, you can trust us to use it only as agreed, protect your organization’s privacy and not to share it.


Compliance and Governance

Our dedicated information security team and executive-level oversight committee demonstrate our commitment to information security and support compliance with applicable privacy regulations.

Product Security

Product and Data Security

All image processing is performed on the scanning device itself to ensure high availability and confidentiality.* Any data you choose to share with us is encrypted both during transit and at rest.

Product Security

Infrastructure Security

Data you choose to send us is protected by both Scandit’s security expertise and the protection provided by industry-leading multi-certified cloud service providers.

Our Commitment to Information Security

Compliance and Governance

Compliance and Governance

Executive-level oversight: Scandit’s Information Security programme is overseen by an executive-level oversight committee to ensure security remains at the forefront, always.

Dedicated Information Security team: Our dedicated and experienced specialists continuously work to defend against current and emerging threats, keeping you secure throughout your engagement with us.

Global compliance: Scandit complies with applicable privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

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Product and Data Security

On-device scanning: All our products perform image recognition and decoding on the device itself to minimize data transfer and maximize availability and security.*

Secure data processing: We are transparent about the purposes for data transmission, the processing of that data and the types of data involved. Any transmitted data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and is accessible only by authorized employees.

Active security culture: Security permeates all aspects of Scandit product development, including an ongoing program of security testing and dependency vulnerability detection to ensure secure code development. Our internal team of specialist engineers promote and maintain an active security culture.

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Infrastructure Security

Best-in-class security, integrity and compliance: Any data you choose to send us is processed on cloud-based services from multi-certified, industry-leading cloud service providers hosted in EEA data centers, to provide best-in-class security, integrity and compliance.

Automated configuration and monitoring: We employ automated configuration and monitoring tools and processes to maintain a secure environment and quickly detect any anomalies for prompt remediation.

*The exception is ShelfView, which requires external processing on our servers that are securely hosted in EU-based multi-certified data centers.

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